Deb Webber

About me!

Deb Webber is Australia’s world renown famous Psychic Medium. Deb stars in Channel 10 and Gem’s TV series ‘Sensing Murder’ and held a nine year column in Australia and New Zealand’s leading Woman’s Day magazine.

Originally from Melbourne, single mother of two, Deb Webber has been communicating with spirits from a very young age.
During childhood, Deb grew up on the grounds of a nursing home as her family owned and operated one in Ferntree Gully, Victoria. Subsequently Deb went on to carve a career in geriatric nursing in over 25 hospitals. Working through agencies to gather experiences, this seemingly ‘normal’ life choice eventually proved too overwhelming for all concerned, as Deb shocked and frightened people by her communication with passing residents.

Now as a high profile Medium/Psychic/Spiritual Mentor, Deb receives accolades for the very thing that once sent people running in the opposite direction! Deb sees, feels and hears messages from other energy sources, and provides stunning accurate insights into people’s personalities, families, relationships and careers. In 2003, Deb was approached by the producers of the Australian Network Ten Series, Sensing Murder.

Deb’s success on the first episode led to her being invited back to feature in the long-running series. Also in 2003, Deb appeared on ‘A Current Affair’ with a story that saw the Nine MSN website receive an unprecedented 75,000 hits. This appearance lead to a Melbourne Television Production company filming highlights of Deb on tour in her live shows. Also documented was a fascinating reading with Rhett Hutchence the brother of the late INXS rock star Michael Hutchence. After ‘Sensing Murder’ finished in Australia, in 2005 Deb was then approached to follow on with the series in New Zealand. By 2008 Deb has appeared in 16 shows out of the 21 and about to begin filming series 6 in New Zealand in 2018. In 2006, ‘Sensing Murder’ won Best Director and two times Best Reality Format at the New Zealand Qantas Awards, and again in 2008 they won ‘Best Reality Format’.

Deb was offered a weekly column in the ‘Woman’s Day Magazine’ in Australia and New Zealand. The column titled ‘Life After Deb’ and she has produced very strong evidence and in sight of life after death. The column included her research using her psychic ability on cold cases, and features personal insights into the people’s lives. Deb has helped the police with many cases and has in fact helped find missing people. However, due to the respect of families she will not disclose the information and is by law unable to provide this.

Deb currently enjoys living in Queensland, Australia close to her family and tours regularly around Australia, New Zealand, Egypt and Bali. Deb will also tour throughout the UK and Europe in the near future.