Deb Webber

Contact: Jasmine Wignell
Company: Seeds of Energy Pty Ltd
Phone 07/ 5442 5174

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Press Release

Famous Psychic Medium returns!

Woman’s Day columnist and star of award-winning TV show ‘Sensing Murder’ is coming to a town near you for a one-off show in your location. Famous Psychic Medium Deb Webber is bringing her acclaimed live show to the region.

Deb is one of Australia’s most famed and accurate Psychic Mediums. She features throughout Australian media including Australia and New Zealand’s channel 10 and Gem’s TV series ‘Sensing Murder’. As well as being a decade long columnist for Australia and New Zealand’s ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine.

Originally from Melbourne, single mother of two, Deb Webber has been relaying messages from spirits since she was a young child. Deb reveals some fascinating insights into the afterlife – like the fact that departed souls such as your parents, find each other in the afterlife if they were happy together in this one.  

Deb’s accuracy means she has been the go-to medium for Ita Buttrose, Suzi Quatro, Michael Hutchence’s family, Burt Newton and the Irwin family and the late Vincent van Gogh, “I’ve spoken to Vincent van Gogh when his great great great nephew John, an artist from Melbourne contacted me’.
Deb’s shows showcase her incredible accuracy and connection to the spirit world. Deb will walk through the audience giving spontaneous readings and connecting the lucky chosen people to their loved ones in spirit.

Sometimes they are cheeky, sometimes sad, sometimes humorous but they are always inspiring and insightful for those receiving the reading and for those in the audience who get to witness the extraordinary detail that Deb can bring through from spirit.
Following the live show, Deb will host a Q & A session, and a Tibetan Crystal Bowl meditation at the end to send everyone home calm, safe and with the right spirits.

See Deb’s Live Show. Doors open at 7pm, the shows start at 7:30pm and tickets are $58 on sale now at or phone 07/ 5442 5174 for more info and show dates.