Deb Webber

How do I book a reading with Deb?

Select the page ‘Meet Deb’ and click on ‘Private Readings’ please read all of the details regarding reading appointments there and enquire through that page. Deb’s waiting list is months, sometimes years. Appointments are made during the times Deb is home which is not often. They can be done via Skype, phone or in person, depending on location and are as accurate as each other.

Does Deb do 'future readings'?

Deb’s readings are a blend of Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship, Mediumship being what she specialises in. Intuitive Guidance readings are readings in which you may have an obstacle in life and require guidance and help to overcome such hurdles. However, these are not her preferred method of reading because we have ‘free will’ and you are in total control of your life and changing your destiny.
Mediumship allows Deb the ability to communicate with deceased souls and relay messages from your family, friends and loved ones to assist in the healing process after a death. This is what Deb specialises in.

Does Deb recommend any other Psychic Mediums?

Deb prides herself on her work and her reputation as a very accurate Psychic Medium. Deb can recommend three other Psychics for different specialities.

For people close to Numurkah in Victoria, Australia, Deb highly recommends a woman by the name of Jenny for Intuitive Guidance readings. However, Jenny is hearing impaired and requires you to text her to book your appointment and for you to be present in the room for the reading.
Jenny – 0439 836 348 (TEXT ONLY FOR APPOINTMENT)

Deb also recommends fellow Sunshine Coast local Amanda De Warren for her specialisation in Animal Communication. Amanda has the gift of being able to communicate with animals – alive, passed over or missing.
Amanda – 0434 713 615

The third person is Paul Boulton, who is based in Mapleton in Queensland. Paul is a Psychic Therapist and specialises in real time personal issues, love, career and relationship guidance.
Paul – 0417 789 606

Deb highly recommends all three of these Psychic’s as being accurate, professional, authentic and genuinely lovely people.

Do you work on high profile missing persons cases such as William Tyrell, Madeleine McCann and other such cases?

This is written with respect to all missing children, people and their respected family and friends affected by such horrendous circumstances.
Deb will not work on high profile cases, or any cases for any matter unless she first has permission or has been requested from the immediate family and/or friends.
The gift of life is that humans are all completely different and hold different values and beliefs. Some of which, do not align with Deb’s work, and as much as she would love to help everyone in the world, out of respect she helps the people whom seek it from her.
So, the answer is no, Deb does not work on these individual cases unless she has been requested to by the immediate family and friends. This is out of respect for the families and friends involved in such circumstances.
Now please pray and give love to those people whom are suffering in these agonising situations.

Are underage children and teenagers allowed to attend your live shows?

We recommend children 13+ years old. Yes, anyone from any age can attend one of Deb’s live shows. However, as a disclaimer – Deb does and will not censor any messages that come through from spirit during a live show. This means the shows can often reveal graphic information, adult themes and explicit language. If you are happy for someone under the age of 18 to attend a show, they must have an adult (18 yrs +) guardian solely responsible for the underage patron’s needs.
You may bring babies in prams but we suggest bringing a carrier so that your child can fit into the venue. Please also pay respect to the other audience members in the crowd and Deb’s work and be aware you may need to leave the room if your child exhibits distress or discomfort (crying/screaming etc.).

Are phone readings, Skype readings and face-to-face readings all the same and as accurate as each other?

Yes, Deb does not need you in the room to connect to whoever is around you. Just as she does not need any information from you regarding your deceased loved one. The most common reading type is a phone or Skype appointment. These are just as accurate as being in the same room as Deb – there is no difference.

Am I able to contact Deb after a reading with her if I have a question or need clarification on something she said during an appointment?

Unfortunately, Deb does not recall or retain any information regarding readings she has given once she tunes out. If you have a question or need clarification on something during a reading, please ask then and there as Deb is not able to do ‘follow-up question and answer’ time.
When a client is booked in with Deb, they are advised to bring or have a notepad and pen on hand to write down any questions that come up during the reading and ask them during their appointment as she will not be able to answer them hours, days, weeks or months after an appointment.
This is also why Deb records the reading, you can also voice record the reading too on your own device.

Does Deb do small group readings?

No, not any longer.

Who do I contact regarding ticket sales to shows for example: exchanges, upgrades, re-sending tickets etc.?

NEW ZEALAND: If you are in New Zealand, please contact Eventfinda directly regarding anything to do with ticket sales. Please submit a request here:

AUSTRALIA: Please email Jasmine on if you need a refund or your tickets resent to you.

Where can I find Spiritualist Churches and Groups?

You can find Spiritualist Churches and groups online and in the paper. Most communities will have a local Spiritualist Church and often they can be found in local newspapers in the classifieds. Often these community Churches have Facebook groups or pages. So Deb recommends typing your location and the words ‘spiritual’ into the Facebook Search Bar to locate their Facebook group or page.

There are also online groups on Facebook. Type into your Facebook search bar ‘Spiritual’ and groups should appear, you can then add yourself to chat to likeminded people.

The three Spiritual Churches Deb attends and recommends on the Sunshine Coast in Australia are:
1) Noosa & District Spiritualist Church – at Tinbeerwah Hall
Service Dates: 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, 10am.
Contact Rev. Laine Harry on Ph: 5442 5072 Mb: 0421 028 545

2) Bribie Island Spiritualist Church – Sandstone Point Community Hall
Service Dates: 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at 10am.
Contact Rev. Jo Porter on Mb: 0466 012 123

3) The Church of United Spiritualism – Cooroy WCA Hall
Service Dates: Every Wednesday at 7pm – 9pm

Does Deb do email readings?

No she does not. Due to her work load she simply does not have the time to type out readings.