Deb Webber

What keeps you earth bound?​

In the reality of being human we may have limiting notions, beliefs, ideas, or thoughts that can imprison us from being our true self and using our full potential and capability. When we raise above these concepts, cut them up into nothing, abolish the heaviness of human emotions (negative ones) we then see, feel, and live the change, we can enjoy life.

If we decide not to do self-discovery, ignore, and own up to these notions we certainly are not being true and honest to ourselves. There are of cause a few ways to become aware and realize what ones hold you back.

  1. When you feel an emotion that is heavy, draining, sabotaging, blocking, making you feel inadequate, dissatisfied, not in charge of self, unable to figure out what to do next, or unworthy take note of it.
  2. Listen to your self when you sketch a picture of another person in your mind, when you express your thoughts and beliefs about another person. As, it is true that you can only see it in another when you your self have that concept within. It may come up in you a little or hit you like a lead balloon, to some degree you will feel. And when you do, take note. As we are living a conscious life (some are still sleeping), and through this conscious life we grow spiritually, in creasing the vibration of our Soul.
  3. Watching, or listening to another person’s reality on television, on the net, through radio and music. You can be triggered with emotions, and they can bring up many different emotions. It’s the negative ones you need to take note of, such as anger, frustration, judgement, defensiveness, sadness, wanting, desiring, jealously, O my there are so many that hold you back.

If you are a person that rejects and ignores these in this lifetime, you will live the results here on earth and when your soul body has chosen to leave the human vessel and move vibrationally transitioning into the spirit realms you will still live the results. You want the results to be A+++++++ if you can get there, however an ‘A’ will do just fine. Because after transitioning into the higher realms you will float to your level of consciousness. You may become an earth-bound soul, just hanging around or be in limbo, stuck in all your emotions that kept you tied down waiting to grow above these notions, beliefs etc. not reaching the higher levels, where it is certainly amazingly wonderful. Or you can be stuck achieving absolutely nothing, held back as you wait for another incarnation. And, in our time that can take way too long.

Look to see what is holding you back from raising yourself up. It can be as easy as being frightened of an outcome or frighten of feeling good due to guilt. Whatever it is, it is your responsibility to yourself to recognise, seek help and guidance from those who can assist you. We have a great number of healing techniques on the plant with the best of the best to assist, you just need to listen to your self and feel what therapy works for you. Or you are maybe aware that you can do this for yourself, which is fabulous but be honest when thinking that you can do it without another. We are village people, and we need to reach out and if you can’t look at the block that holds you again back, not moving forward and up! It is a life and that’s why we are here.

The leadings cause of becoming an earth-bound soul is that you hold a steadfast viewpoint, never changing and opening to new concepts, your dislikes and likes are strong, you control others and the experiences they have chosen during life or before birth, you are into control. You don’t mind your own business and allow others to go through life the way another person wants to or see it the way it is for them on spiritual growth level. Possessiveness is a goody, not! And lastly you do not understand or question what your life is about and what you need to learn or rise above.

I visit with so many earth bound souls and it is certainly not where I wish to exist in my soul’s evolution. I am planning to go to the penthouse or beyond, and so can you. It is the requisite, a necessary for the achievement of a specific outcome, to be conscious of your concepts, beliefs, conditioning, that hold you in the human emotional grounded human form.

Heaven is what we are here to achieve, heaven on earth for self and heaven for when you go home. Hell is what you create and can live because you carry certain negativity, Hell is when we are not individually changing and evolving, and it all reflects onto the soul. Creating Hell for yourself when you go home.

Changing the way, you think is so important. To be truly happy, the soul loves to learn from the human, (they are two separate entities – joined), The human body is the vehicle for us to get around, to be here in this dense vibration of human form, to grow, evolve, and most of all enjoy. My guide often lets me know that too many humans are way too serious about the way they think it should be. Be true and kind to yourself, start to cleanse yourself of these weakening, draining, sapping, exhausting, crippling, energies within. Restore and reboot… it is not that hard when you start. It benefits your life, your mind, human body, and your soul body. In turn it helps another person. Love of oneness, Deb