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Tips & Tools – the easiest way to move yucky energy from the body & it’s free!

This blog is a follow on from my previous blog about my recent experience where I physically picked up on some Universal energies that weren’t really mine. If you haven’t read that, then read it here.

Now these are the TIPS & TOOLS I put together to deal with situations such as that one, that you might experience yourself. I promise to delve deeper into this in the future because it’s quite a large topic to cover.

For now, here are some tips I find valuable:

a) We need to become aware of sensations in our body. We are all energy and at times we can control our cells. Just imagine them in your mind, talk to the cells in the area that need help whether that’s aloud or in your mind, believe you are the energy and focus your thoughts on the cells in that moment. Focus on the cells and the change you wish to make in the cells. Do this consistently every day over the period of time you’d like to heal yourself. You are energy and you have the ability to alter your cells to some degree through mindful energetic healing practice.

b) The easiest and most accessible tool we ALL have available to us is ‘Grounding’. It is also one of the MOST powerful. Grounding as a spiritual tool that you can use to reconnect with yourself, nature and the world.

We are all feeling the deviancy of dealing with a pandemic and changes to earth. It is bringing up lots of fears, anxieties and other mental health issues. No-one is resistant to those feelings. Earthing is away to reconnect to your essential self, bring your body into alignment, feel more centred, and reconnect to the oneness. Reconnect with gold threads from your feet into mother earth and lock it in by saying the words ‘I lock it in’ tapping the top of your head, or tapping your feet together at the same time as you say these words.

When you spend time in nature you get re-tuned into the Universal Source of all things. When you go outside you can feel the deep healing energy of the Earth. You can be rejuvenated, calmed and soothed by the Earth.

So, my spiritual tip for you this week is to literally get off the couch or get out of bed and go outside. If you are not able to go outside, imagine you are or do a mediation for the sole purpose to connect. (Look on you tube for such a meditation).
Stand barefoot in the grass, or on the beach. Even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes. Breath and listen. Breath and feel. Breath and be.

  1. If oils are your thing these are grounding oils:
    – DoTERRA Vetiver
    – Vetiver is a ‘grass’ with long roots that spread out and intertwine as they gain a firm hold on the soil below. It makes sense then to use Vetiver frequently to ‘bring us back to earth’ and get a firm grip on what is really important in life.
    – DoTERRA Wild Orange
    – Citrus are produced from trees which obviously have their roots firmly in the ground so pairing Vetiver and Wild orange reminds me of the abundance and joy that can be attained when we are truly connected with our roots.
    – Place a drop of each in the palm of your hand, rub together, cup your hands around your nose and inhale deeply.

So, let me say sometimes my darling ones you could be experiencing something that not yours, but not your energy alone! Be warned, be aware, be conscious and look after yourselves, remember to ground. Learn and go with the flow. 

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  1. Thank you Deb, I have been struggling to get myself together, heal my spirit, my energy. Although I walk barefoot to the compost bin, I will find a pretty place and stop for a bit and breathe. So good to hear this from you.


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