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The Year of the Tiger means Big Energy! How do we handle it?

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger.
It starts from February 1 and lasts until January 2, 2023. Those born in the Year of the Tiger are said to be brave, competitive, unpredictable and confident. It is also the Water sign this year and water means ’emotion’.
I have been really reflecting on and thinking about what is happening today in our world and the energy of the Tiger. It’s going to be a big year emotionally and energetically. So much of our life is bright and wonderful then we are also accompanied by the negative as well. It’s the duality of life.

So, I believe this year is all about what the Tiger brings! From wars being started, to standing up for what you feel is right, to coping with what happens to people we love or don’t even know.
Whatever, happens always try to come back into balance with your own emotions, work out if you need to feel the way you do in some situations, if those emotions are pulling you down or making you high on life. And which you would rather feel, because as heavy and dark it is, how we FEEL is a decision we make.

I had an experience recently where I had a vision and signs of bombs coming down out of the sky, a vision that looked so real I jumped and held my breath for a moment or two. It was last November while sitting having my morning cup of tea on my front deck, when I heard the sound of a helicopter fly close by but unable to see it, but then in view came a war plane that sent a bomb down onto a house diagonally across from mine. I saw the house blow up and I felt I wanted to run, where would I go? Into the forest behind my house? There was nowhere to run and hide, so I sat there thinking it was very interesting, but why did I see this? Then two days following I was sitting in the same spot, no sounds this time, only the sight of a couple of planes again coming across the house straight in front of me. The house within a moment was gone and the people inside I knew died. I did not jump this time, I sat and pondered why was I having these visions.

I actually thought it might have been associated with me getting the vaccine, as my higher self/spirit had already informed me many times the vaccine was safe for me. I asked many, many times concerning the vaccine if it was okay to get it and every time I asked, the same answer came. Yes, it’s safe for me (note I said ‘me’). However, not as safe for other people! So, I took the visions to metaphorically mean that the v**cine was safe for me, but not other people and they were the homes being destroyed in this war. This was just my interpretation of these visions. Then on the 22/02/2022 we had a huge thunderstorm throughout the night, I was restless, I haven’t heard such loud thunder and rain and lighting so bright for years. I was enjoying this amazing act of mother nature and thinking my mum would have loved this (she died when I was 12). In amongst all this at some point during the night.
My mind went into action… 2022, was not going to be an easy year for myself (but also collectively), it has already begun with my sister dying, catching COVID, a person I love passing over, and yet another good friend and beautiful human is dying. On top of this grief, I have had to replace two pumps at my house, I have not had a bathroom for 5 months (have had a camp shower and toilet put in under my house), and a lot more of life’s curveballs but I keep showing up daily and I am fine, I am happy and well. I’m not sure you could call it ‘thriving’, but the reality is, we don’t always thrive at times in life.

What I am being shown, is that much is happening around me (you) and a lot of it has to do with emotions of the world. Which I think we can all collectively understand has been a rollercoaster for most people. As the puzzle came together, I came to the realisation that war may actually start but I will be fine, you will be fine! You will be fine as long as you stay balanced, feel good about the changes, send love to everyone, remember everything is an experience that we need to have to be alive, to be human. And, to support each other anyway we can, also join groups for mediation or learn to clear and clean your emotional state to cope with this changing planet.
You NEED to protect your energy, your home and you. Turn off the news, give time and energy to things that make you feel as good as possible and try to limit the things that deplete you. This is a time in the world where we must protect ourselves energetically. The only way you can do this, is in any given moment that tests your emotional stability, say to yourself, how would I approach this situation if I came from a place of love? Perhaps a friend or family member is not respecting your boundaries? Or someone has run into your car? Or you’ve lost your job due to a Government mandate? Are you fearing the current world politically climate? Approach these situations from a place of pure love and your response will be a completely different one if you approach from a place of anger or fear. Say to yourself ‘if I embodied pure love right now, how would I respond?’
And I know this might not seem easy but controlling how WE respond is the ONLY thing we can do to help change your emotional state and look after your wellbeing. This has a physical change in your body that I’ll explore in another blog. But for now, I hope that this Year of the Tiger, teaches you the lessons you need. Remember though, we must support our emotional states and help those around us to. Come from love.
Please leave a comment and tell me if this helped you or what you think the Year of Tiger means for you.

Love of oneness,
Debs xx

11 thoughts on “The Year of the Tiger means Big Energy! How do we handle it?”

  1. Hey Deb!
    I have loved getting to know you on the television, which in turn has led me to your site and blog.
    You are so down to earth, and explain everything in such an easy to comprehend manner…
    Thank you for all your sacrifices and sharing of your gift with the world!
    This particular entry in your blog really hit home for me…
    My new mantra will be to step back and approach each situation out of love, then asking myself how I would respond. Instead of my usual fight or flight fearful responses.
    This entry has come at the perfect time for me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Thank you so much! 🥰

  2. Very inspiring and uplifting as well as concerning…..
    5 months without a bathroom !
    Wow ! That’s gotta be a priority Deb !
    A lady without a bathroom is like Peter without Pan…..Adam without Eve….
    Make some calls !
    Hopefully a better year ahead.

    • Blessings Diane, I pray that you are ok… strong, be loving, learn and grow and all will be fabulous. Love of oneness, Deb

  3. Hi Deb,
    I just read this in my email so came over to leave you a comment as you suggested.
    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and the timing waa perfect for me. I haven’t watched free to air television for 3 years now and I chose to stop watching the news approximately 18 months ago. Good or bad, my daughter often keeps me updated with the latest news which I tend to not take in the energy for it. Yesterday however, on returning home from work (I was looking after her boys), she started showing me photos and videos. Private videos from people over there and I was immediately there, with each and every person she showed me. As she showed me the video of the enormous lines for fuel, my first thought was how blessed I am not to be experiencing these brutal conditions. Secondly, I was feeling the emotions of each and every person in those cars. A great sadness took over me like a dark and heavy storm cloud. I felt their fears, sadness, anger, anxieties, depression and heartbreak. My loving/healing thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of them.
    I was sorry to hear of your losses Deb and current personal difficulties, this is a very challenging time for you. 2020 was my year, so similar with many deaths of people close to me and two of them young not much older than my children. I am sending you love and healing prayers for both yourself and surroundings.
    I was interested listening to you about the vaccination and how you and I have had different answers (slightly). I have and am still told that it is safe for the majority. I imagine that you must have people either around you or your energy field that have complications and cannot have the vaccine, that must be so frightening for them at times. They are also in my loving/healing thoughts and prayers.
    I found your message very helpful, because I don’t have a community of like minded people who see the world the way ‘we’ do. I thank you with sincere appreciation.
    I see this year for me personally as a beautiful year, closing my current chapter and starting my new one.
    I look forward to the day when mankind does and thinks about everything and everyone with a loving heart, because then the world as we know it today will cease to exist.
    Take care of yourself Deb.🕊️🕊️🕊️

  4. Thanks for the News letter Deb xx Great to hear from you!

    I have elevated my Grounding regime. I discovered acupressure points on the Cheekbones that make grounding accessible & easy anytime & anywhere. Tapping along the cheekbones has been so very helpful in these uncertain times.

    The Year of the Tiger for this Rabbit?!?! Yep there’s nowhere to run & nowhere to hide – So I think I’ll take on some of the Tigers’ traits & be Brave & Strong & stand in my truths.
    The Very Best to All This Year & Beyond xxx
    Ak, NZ xx

    • Blessings Louise,

      Good on you….. Yep there’s nowhere to run & nowhere to hide – So I think I’ll take on some of the Tigers’ traits & be Brave & Strong & stand in my truths. Love that ….Love of oneness, Deb If it get hard truly do my Enhancing your Psychic Abilities workshop as its just not about that but about LIVING consciously. Love of oneness, Deb

  5. I am also a 🐇 quite a fiesty one so I’ve been told. I will use the tigers prowess and be more graceful with my approach 😁


    • Sarah, I love how you know your self so well. You put a smile upon my face with your comment.
      Love of oneness, Deb


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