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The first 3 Levels of Spirit – why can/can’t I feel my deceased loved one?

Ever since I can remember I have been receiving messages from different dimensions, and every so often I seem to disagree with what I am being given due to my own thoughts and personal curiosity. The thing is, every time I do disagree with the divine energy of Universal Consciousness,  or ‘my spirit guide’ or other, proves that I am wrong and they are always correct. And you know what? They always make so much more sense compared to what I was thinking and debating (go figure haha).

The information that I receive comes from different sources, be it a Spirit I meet through an appointment, a Guide or an Ascendant Master or just frequencies from different levels of vibration. Souls of those who have died on Earth is only one type of messenger we have in our energy system.

These souls and forms of energy Beings vary in speed vibrations. The speed at which they vibrate places them on different levels.
The first level is level 1 – us, the ‘human’ level. Those in the spirit realms vibrate faster than a human though. A Soul in level 2 or 3 that has passed over can often feel everything they could feel on level 1 (the human level). They feel it but without the physical body. Animals and human spirits can be vibrating on level 2 or 3.

Think of a High Rise Building, and we are all living on the ground level, which is the first level of frequency, Level 1. Then we have the second level and this is where I have found Souls that are free to move up and down different floors.
However, they are earth bound and at times stuck on Level 2 or 3. Not all Souls are stuck, many move higher and then visit us by lowering their vibration to visit us. This is what most of them do when I do my readings, this is why I have to tune into you. I essentially have to bring your loved one down to the Level 2 or 3 where I can communicate with their energy. This is why sometimes you might receive a reading from myself or someone else, and they say we can’t pick up on who is around you. This can mean that their soul is vibrating at a much higher frequency and it’s far more difficult to connect with these Souls because they’re not at a ‘human’ level.

For years I called them Ghosts and Earth Bound Spirits. However I have noticed over the years that the spirit Soul does not like being titled ‘Ghost’ as it has a ‘scary’ association that they ‘haunt humans’. Thanks a lot to the exaggeration of Hollywood Movies. Many spirits try to connect their loved ones, (and many many don’t too), but it’s not with ‘scary or sinister intentions’.
However, just like we evolve over time, so does spirit. This might be why sometimes you can’t feel the spirit of someone around you or you can and then all of a sudden you can’t. Their Spirit may have evolved over time onto a higher frequency. This means they are no longer operating on Level 2 or 3.

I have certainly learnt that they prefer the term ‘Earth Bound Souls’. This is just because it represents a free and open term that has no boundaries or limitation to interruption!

There is constant change to why a soul would be on the second or third level. I do love this level though as I find it amazing and fascinating how a spirit of an animal or human can feel pleasure or pain (restlessness, not so much ‘pain’ as they no longer have a physical body) when we do something it likes, loves or dislikes. It is like being human without a body. I prefer not to see them in pain or restless, so if I hear or feel a soul is going through such negative vibration, I move them (or encourage them) up a level or two.  But, if they are enjoying the pleasure they had whilst alive in human body and enjoying it through a person here, I just let them sort that out as long as it is not intrusive on a human.

A way for a soul to go into pain is from describing how they died to me (I monitor their level of pain or ‘restlessness’). Some of the things I’ve experienced that has distressed a soul is a dislike for something before dying and taking that energy through with them, families arguing after a death, greed breaking family and friends up, if they were dressed in the wrong sort of clothing after death. They can become distressed over children being kept away from sides of a family, partners, parents, children not sharing the material items that was left to them, people grieving for those passed for too long (there is no time people say) or too deeply, moving house sometimes can cause restlessness to some souls as they were not informed of the move as they had been in a different realm of frequency and missed the memo etc. These are all things that can distress or create restlessness in a soul if they are vibrating at Level 2 or 3.

Yes, it takes all different ways for a soul to feel distress/restlessness as we are all different. A great lesson as a Psychic Medium is not to judge anyone’s beliefs or learnings. As a person I know that I can have certain things trigger me into discomfort which maybe fine for you. So, I monitor, feel and listen to what a soul is going through on all levels.

If the Soul Spirit is vibrating on level 2 or 3 then they can also feel when ‘we’ are happy, loving, grateful, having a walk, attending a footy game, eating, smoking, drinking, fishing, kissing, hugging, showering hahaha (they often pop in), relaxing. They can feel if all is in order after their death and if families are getting on in harmony. Level 2 and 3 Souls can feel it all if they want.

A soul can pick up everything we are doing if it wishes to, but only if they are on the second/third level of vibration, they truly live what we are going through, emotionally. This is where the soul can make contact with you as well, if they are higher you may not have contact often and if you do it will be light and fluffy, scattered and not all that strong, but still there and they show us that they are. People can be disappointed due to expectations (it’s best not to have them in the first place). We have to remember it is better for a soul to be high in vibration and it is not about ‘us’ all of the time. It is about the souls evolution. It is great when a soul has flown into the higher realms!!

Every reading I do for my clients will have different contact depending on where they sit on the levels. So, as with everything in life, it is best for you and them not to have expectations of how your communication will go. Just allow it to flow the way it is meant to be.

Love of oneness,
Deb xxx

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