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Psychic Me Being the Psychic Me!


I spent most of that week in bed, I could not work, I did try then clasped after one session unable to stay awake. I became extremely exhausted, having to sleep for days (unless at Drs or Chiro), I felt like vomiting but didn’t, I had heat rushing through my body, then cold but not like a fever, at the same time I was still experiencing these tingles.

I was not nice to say the least, a week and a day later on Tuesday 21st, I was lying in bed and this energy suddenly run up my spine. It was as if I had an alien or ET inside of me. I was so aware of this movement section by section, moment by moment making its way up inside of me, truly one of many weird sensations I had ever encountered. Then it became stronger around the back of my neck, I can’t even describe it properly for you but it then suddenly without warning shot into my head and into me brain with such an intense pain and I saw this dark energy actually in my brain as I looked within watching what was happening to me.
It hit like someone was stabbing me with a knife in the top of my head. So, instantly I overrode that pain, that dark stuff in the shape of coral with prongs, I grabbed it through the intensity of sharp bladed edges of pain and throw it out into the Universe. Thank goodness I know how to do this shit!! That was like no migraine I have ever had. Because it was not a migraine, I find out later.

Tuesday night I was back to feeling the shakes and tingles still, and that is what was left. No feeling ill, no pain, I felt suddenly fairly good. And, then what happens Wednesday 22nd September 2021 morning?!?!
Oh my golly golly an earth quake in Victoria, Australia and as that occurs, I felt a razor blade sensation for only a moment. It is not the first time I have felt Mother Earth and it won’t be the last. I think it was the Earth Quake, not physically the Earth Quake but I felt it all energetically. Also, at the same time I have a sister who just had gone through the experience of having brain surgery for a tumour and I could of being picking up on her.

So, sometimes my darling ones you could be experiencing something that not yours, but not your energy alone!
Be warned, be aware, be conscious and look after yourselves. Learn and go with the flow. 

2 thoughts on “Psychic Me Being the Psychic Me!”

  1. Hello Deb my name is Tracey , the spirts aren’t giving me a very good time , I got knocked off my moped in June and burnt my leg on the exhaust.
    22nd oct I got badly assulted at work ….its left me very upset .
    I’m so lonely just friends with an ex but feel so lonely will I ever be happy ..I love…
    I feel I get visions I feel I want to go further with it …will I


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