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Our Aura – Body Energy Field – lesson 1


The Aura, your Energy Field – Part 1.     It is important I feel to learn and understand your self!!

As we allow ourselves to learn, grow and develop, you see reality of all differently. You will start to pay more attention to your experience’s and using new terminology to convey your words and meanings to situations and happenings. Words such as ‘negative energies’, ‘bad energies’, ‘great vibes’, ‘clear energy’, ‘warm feeling’ and more.  You will know things but not know how you know! Sometimes you will feel suddenly tired, exhausted that you want to drop within a moment or extremely happiness around certain people, you may feel a soreness, or throb in your solar plexus (centre of chest), you may feel a tense feeling in your stomach. And, on the other side of this you may feel intense love, joy happiness or aroused.

All these and many more feelings are all alive in the energy field that surrounds that human body. When something happens in the physical body it is seen in the energy field. Sometimes prior and sometimes at the time of something happening. Depending on what level we look into…

Example: If you have a partner or friend that does something to hurt you, vibration of the pain is visible to a clairvoyant. If someone is about to pass the energy field is seen only a couple of inches from the body, however when healthy it is seen usually about 1 metre out. And, if you are about to go through an illness it can often be detected in your energy field out of your human body, waiting to come in to the physical waiting to manifest on a human level!

Eventually with practice to enhance your intuition and senses you too may see! Or not, however you will have heightened your awareness, even if only in feeling or knowing. Developing your senses, helps you abolish (raising your vibrations) the obstruct which keeps you from seeing.

Your physical structure, is made of molecules and atoms, cells, energy bodies, and frequencies of vibration. So, you have the physical vibration which is slow vibrational energies and higher frequencies of energy in and around your body which is your Aura. The energy of your aura is the extension of energy inside the body which is your soul.

The human Energy Field is the made up of universal energy intimately involved with human life. It can be described in different ways, such as luminous body that surrounds and intertwining the physical body, usually called the aura. The aura itself consists of different layers called ‘bodies’, I have seen seven but there are more. All of these bodies intertwine and surround each other. Each body composed of finer substances and higher vibrations than the body that it surrounds and intertwines. These bodies are divided into layers and they all consist of different colours, brightness, density, function and energy pattern.

As mentioned, I know that there are seven layers, and the more advanced you are in seeing and feeling the layers the more advanced you are in your psychic ability as you will find that you need to expand your consciousness to recognize it. To see the levels deeper, you can feel like you are departing energetically from the human reality, like being in a trance or meditative state of being. And, the deep in, higher vibrationally you can go even further than the seventh layers of vibrational realities.

Exercise to feel the aura. 

Hold your palms about two inches apart

Slowly move your hands back and forth decreasing and increasing the space between them.

Build something up between your hands.

Can you feel it?

What does it feel like?

Now, move your hands further apart approximately 10 inches, then slowly bring them together until you feel an energy force.

Once you can feel the energy between your hands you can feel the levels of your bodies!

If you feel something 2 inches from your physical body then you have touched your etheric body edge, around 3 to four inches you have touched the edge of your emotional body.

Now, with your passive hand (the one you do not use for writing) hold it palm down fingers close together out from your torso. Using your dominating hand move it back and forward towards the passive hand until you can feel the edge of your emotional body.

Move your dominate hand an inch away from your passive hand, then touch your hand fast. Now, as you move into your hand again the energy should be stronger to feel, as you had just jolted your energy field.

More to come on these topic next month. Love of oneness, Deb

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