Deb Webber


It was from about the beginning of last year that I (myself) kept thinking, ‘the world is too fast, people are too fast, there is anxiety, depression, unhappiness for many as they have got wrapped up in a world of, ‘I must do this, I must get that done, I must go there, I must rush to get to work, I have too much on my plate at home, at work. I have to do better or as good as the others people in my life (expectation on self), I don’t have time to read, I don’t have time to paint or draw or garden. I need more to look good, I need more toys to feel the gap, I need to be someone else, I need to be different. etc.’

And, NOW we are all in this current experience TOGETHER….we are all having the same experience, but different humans!
And, you can be okay through this change we are living right now.

I had a few of these thoughts very consciously and it was as though I was telling me myself to slow down, but for everyone else to also (it’s not my fault, I was just picking up on the change).

I had/have so many people in sessions that are/were burnt out and at a young age (in their 20’s). No time to really spend quality time with their children, to learn to mediate as their minds were so active. I am surprised that the top of people’s heads don’t blow off ???? No time to make arrangements to see friends and families, no time to have a holiday… I could keep going on and on and on.

The world of consumerism, the preoccupation of society with the acquisition of consumer goods. Is so over the top it’s not funny, people buying ‘stuff’ that they don’t really need, creating more waste, having more factories sending smoke into the air, chemicals to dispose of. Driving cars with one person in them, what happen to car pooling, well that is not happening now but it can in the future. It is time for a HUGE shift in actions, thoughts and change.

Thousands of people all over the world were manifesting clean and clear stuff out of home, stop hoarding, stop adding to what you have, declutter, declutter, declutter….well look where we are now. Nothing but TIME. Everything including production has even been forced to slow down (aside from toilet paper & hand sanitising companies ????)…..

Truly, the world was crazy, and still is in another way. As a mass consciousness we put it out there for this to happen.
Okay, not as a virus, the universe decided on that one.
This tiny virus bug was going to come, and it had to arrive to give us all a big shift in consciousness. And/or a rest from the manic world that so many people lived in.
I was at the point in my thinking that I would like to turn the clock back so far that all I needed to do in life was to gather food, clean house, chill with friends, family and the ‘village people’. I don’t think I even put work in there! I suppose my ‘work’ was gathering food. Almost like being a caveman again, much more relaxed (aside from running from lions, oh and we had electricity and running water in my cave).

And, look what has happened. How many more of you wanted the change in our world? How many of you asked for this to happen (not the virus guys – you know what I mean – don’t take it so literal)?
How many people have you met that want the change? How people NEED to change? Do you want another wake up call in the future?
You have this amazing special unique time in your life right now, to feel better and turn to the positive. We may be ‘physically isolated’ but we DON’T have to be ‘socially distanced’ (we don’t want to manifest SOCIAL DISTANCE – let’s call it PHYSICAL DISTANCING)
This is our opportunity to become apart of your community, to feel connected globally, to feel supported and loved by the people around you who are experiencing the situation you are.

There are incredible things happening globally on the internet, on balconies of cities, from windows of homes, neighbours are smiling and communicating across the street, offering their help to each other, people are writing letters, people are communicating MORE through FaceTime, letters, notes, TikToks, social media etc.

Love and togetherness is happening right now all over the world. YOU can be part of this, to brighten your spirits and get to know your community and people individually!
If you can do a skit on the net – do it! That is fun!
We all need fun still, we all need to be here for each other.
I love the fact that I am seeing more of our elders (senior generation) on the net, dancing and singing. It’s beautiful to see people checking in on others that they might not ‘usually have time to do’.

There is a positive shift happening but it is ENTIRELY up to you, to determine how this is going to occur for you.
You have the conscious choice to take this on board and to think about right now what sort of experience/s you want to have now. and moving forward into the future.
Do you want the world to go back to how it was?
Or are you happy to learn from this and take the positive changes forward with you?
We create our own reality.

Love of oneness,
Deb xx

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