Deb Webber

My journey to Egypt began on the 20th April 2018.

The journey involves a specially organized tour of the beautiful country Egypt, put together by the beautiful Leisa Mcinnes from Pink Lotus Tours and myself. During the journey, aside from exploring one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries on this planet, our participants learn about living a spiritually conscious life, this component of the tour is guided and taught by me.

We are on this journey here to explore our own inner power, free from fear that has been created throughout our lives, allowing us to step into who we truly are!
We are loving, confident, successful, beautiful women and men who choose to move forward and upward. This tour will ensure you have the tools in hand to cope with situations in life that try to pull us down.
During this Retreat we become aware of blockages and conditioning that hold us back from being truly happy. So once you return home, you have the tools to bring you to your own personal internal happiness.

And, did I mention a PERSONALLY guided tour of Egypt with Haytham Youssry (Sam) as our guide?
Well I just did.

20th April – meeting up with Kim, Los and Kim at Sydney airport. What a day! All was going swimmingly until Kim from New Zealand couldn’t find us in the international terminal and visa versa; we couldn’t find her! But eventually we did after many messages through messenger with really a poor Internet connection we found her and ALAS we made the flight. A great, little bit rushed but exciting start to the trip!

Some of us waiting at the airport – getting excited now!

We all met, cuddled and became accompanied before getting settled and comfortable on the long 14 hour flight.
Kim from NZ was up front of the plane, Kimmy and Los were in the middle and I was up the back. I usually try to get a window seat but all were taken so I ended up in an aisle seat.
I thought with an international flight you couldn’t choose your seat online so I missed out by the time I checked in. And, I was the first in line believe it or not but in future I will be checking every email that comes through and getting online within the 24hrs before a flight to grab a seat I prefer! I advise this to anyone doing long flights.

Anyway, it was what it was and I was blessed to have an empty seat beside me. Kimmy and Los had a window and a middle seat, and Kim ended up with three seats to herself. So she spread herself across them all.
I know this as during the flight I went to check up on my guests and here she was all cozy and laying down. Kimmy and Los had the biggest smiles on their faces, which I was over the moon to see as they had said that they had a fear of flying. You would not of guessed!

Not looking one bit scared – these lovely ladies getting excited & silly on the plane trip!

The flight was with Etihad, and what a great team of staff, I could not praise them enough. Although I couldn’t sleep very well, without my trusty window/wall to lean against but I guess the excitement of being en route to Egypt once again had me enjoying every minute I was in the sky.

So, the first leg of the journey went well, watching movies, reading a little, eating and dozing, landing in Abu Dhabi around 11.35pm (we left Sydney at 3.15pm Australia time). Catching our next flight at 3am to Cairo. Arriving at approximately 5am Egypt time.
I slept the whole way on the second flight, the sleep was so deep that when we got to Egypt, I felt great.
However, the other ladies did not sleep at all. The excitement had kept them up for this second leg, so they were all a little worse for wear by the time we landed. They did good staying awake until we got to the hotel. Lucky the room was ready for us to all fall in and catch up on well-deserved sleep.

Some of us looking a little sleepy now!

Upon arriving to the Cairo International Airport, our first assistant Mohammad was there to greet us with his gorgeous smile. I must thank him because he had only just arrived back into Egypt after being away for 9 days the evening prior at all hours in the night. So then he got up so very early to come pick us up that morning and escort us to our hotel. Mohammad only got a few hours sleep himself, so I think we all did amazing for such a long nights journey.

Gorgeous Mohammad helping us with our bags – hardly any sleep but still full of beautiful smiles. Love this man!

The end of the first part of the journey was dropping our bags off to our room, meeting up with Leisa of Pink Lotus Tours, having some breakfast and dropping into bed at finally around 1pm for that well-deserved sleep I have mentioned.

Breaky with Leisa that morning at our Hotel!

We did it, we’re in Egypt and it’s already so exciting to be here!

Our Hotel Foyer – the Meridien and the Hotel pool!