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Ever since I can remember I have been receiving messages from different dimensions, and every so often I seem to disagree with what I am being given due to my own thoughts and personal curiosity. The thing is, every time I do disagree with the divine energy of Universal Consciousness,  or ‘my spirit guide’ or … Read more

Changing, Evolving & Letting Go of: People, Identities, Roles & Ideas. Life brings many changes and I am going through another right now. We lose people on different levels due to death, and sometimes it feels like we lose people through life’s evolution and circumstances. The are many reasons people move away from one another. … Read more

Less Pills & More Potions this Winter This is the list of things I use and make personally during Winter to best support my immune system and overall health. Obviously this is not Medical Advice and I am not a Medical practitioner of any kind. So please seek advice from your healthcare professional for any … Read more

Buckle up and settle in – you’re about to go on a ride to Egypt. Admittedly is has been months since my daughter and I went to Egypt in October 2017. So, thank you for your patience regarding this blog. I hosted an Egyptian Meditation and Healing Retreat in partnership with the wonderful Leisa from … Read more

I’d like to preface this blog by saying if you are being hurt physically by anyone please call 000 for an emergency if you’re in immediate physical danger or call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) to speak to an Australian support and counselling service anonymously. Alternatively you can visit or for further advice, … Read more

My journey to Egypt began on the 20th April 2018. The journey involves a specially organized tour of the beautiful country Egypt, put together by the beautiful Leisa Mcinnes from Pink Lotus Tours and myself. During the journey, aside from exploring one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries on this planet, our participants … Read more

Welcome, I am Deb as you would know considering you are on my website right now! My life’s work and my life’s love is being in service to spirit and humans to assist in the connection between each other. The best way that I can provide this connection between you and your loved one and … Read more

I went to bed around 10pm, woke at 1.19am and could not get back to sleep no matter what I tried. Don’t you just love those nights? I tried to keep very quiet as I have Gareth sleeping in the caravan while Heather is staying inside at her sisters B&B. Living in a van with … Read more

As we prepare to leave home for our journey throughout NSW we find that the Universe has a different plan for us which held Gareth up from joining Heather and I on the road as our tour began. The story goes like this, I bought a caravan and a car leading up to this tour … Read more

It was from about the beginning of last year that I (myself) kept thinking, ‘the world is too fast, people are too fast, there is anxiety, depression, unhappiness for many as they have got wrapped up in a world of, ‘I must do this, I must get that done, I must go there, I must … Read more

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