This will answer all of your questions regarding an appointment.
I have been doing this work for over 30yrs and it is still an honour connecting you with someone you love, who is no longer on this Earth with you physically. It is a privilege being trusted with your very personal experience and allow me to be a part of your journey in life.

My readings are a blend of Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship, Mediumship being my forte. 
During a reading I will tune into the souls around you and relay messages from your family and/or friends on the other side. These readings can be an extremely emotional experience, but they are very often beautiful, always insightful and very healing for those stuck in grief, or who just want to say hello. I do NOT specialise in 'future readings'.

However, please remember the nature of my work means that I, or any Psychic Medium, have no control over who and what come through during your reading. If you feel I am not connecting to your loved one, as I do not know them personally, then please notify me early in the reading. This VERY RARELY happens but I prefer to know if we have the right person before we go on. 
All readings are exceptionally different to each other but keep in mind that people do not change once they have died. I will always relay exactly what I am picking up on. I do not sensor, alter or change any information. I am simply the messenger. 
It is an honour to be trusted with your personal information and all information that comes through is confidential. I will ask permission to share your story with others if I feel that others can learn from your journey. As all journeys and experiences are vastly different from person to person. 
I am highly regarded as being a very accurate Medium and I pride myself on the work I do and the help I provide. My job is very serious business. Please come to your reading with an open mind and an open heart. It always helps if you call upon your loved one the week leading up to your reading as well. You do not need to provide me with any information or photos of your loved one, I prefer to know nothing before an appointment. 


- Maximum of 2 x people per reading and must only be ONE reading, not one reading each in the hour.

- Readings are $375.00AUD and the appointment is 1hr to 1.5hrs long.

- Readings are available via Phone or Skype.

- All Payments are due within 24hrs of booking the appointment, failure to pay your invoice will result in your appointment being potentially cancelled.

- All readings are voice recorded and emailed to you within 14 days. However, please record the reading yourself as well (sometimes mine won’t work with your software etc.)

- Payments are made via an online invoice system - you will be sent this automatically once your appointment is secured.

Please email through if you'd like to book an appointment and one of my staff will contact you once we have availabilities. Please be aware there is often a long wait of months and months (people in the past have known to wait years). You will only hear from us once you have reached the front of the line. However, I feel that my work is worth the wait.

Blessings and love of oneness,
Deb xx

For private readings only, all other inquiries should be made here